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  • Regions: A Region is used to divide or combine portions of IP space into a independent sections. This gives the operator the ability to either keep IP space separate (i.e. RIPE,APNIC,ARIN), Allocate a subnet to a project or customer that would then be allowed to assign subnets from that subnet in any manner they choose. (i.e. operator allocates a /24 to the new "shiny-widget" project. The manager of the "shiny-widget" project chooses to assign a /25 to the "widgets" and a /26 to the "shiny things" in L.A. and a /27 to the "shiny things" in New York. They manager can see that he has a /27 left and the operator knows exactly how the project manager used the IP space that he was assigned.) Two different regions are allowed to contain IP space from the same block (i.e. more than one region of RFC-1918 space).
  • Reclaim: When a block (or a parent of it) is in reclaim mode that block will NOT be re-allocated or assigned from the database in the event that it is reclaimed. This feature is useful if the operator has a need to return a block of IP space to a RIR or any situation where it is not desirable for a block to be allocated or assigned.
  • Priorities: As supernets are added to the database for the first time the operator may assign a priority. A priority is a value that can be used by the database to assign/allocate space from one supernet before another.
  • IPv6: FreeIPdb works seamlessly with IPv6. The only restriction is that IPv6 space be added in a region that contains no IPv4 Space. Other than that all features work the same way.
  • Hold Time: The operator may set a global hold time (this will soon be per region). Every time a block is reclaimed a datestamp is set in the block (current time + holdime) when that datestamp is less then the current time the database will once again allow that block to be allocated/assigned or rolled up into it's parent.
  • Set a specific block: In the event the operator needs to allocate/assign an exact block (i.e. not whatever the database returns) they can use the "Set a specific block" feature. The database will automaticly create all the parents and children needed to locate this block in the database.

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OrgVersionAggregate space V4Aggregate space V6Assignments/AllocationsRegionsDate
Global Crossing FreeIPdb 0.2.gblx /8, /12, /14, /15, /16, /19, /20, /21, /22 /32 7785 36 2006-05-15

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	Use the FreeIPdb/tools/ script from the latest cvs version to generate some info to submit.


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